Thursday, January 31, 2008

Face Bigelow #40 - Fancy Car

Sorry in advance for those who like fancy cars. It's just not my thing and driving in Orange County, Ca sometimes baffles me. Have you ever been in the Crystal Cove area on Saturday mornings? If you are insulted by this comic you would probably enjoy it.
Big: Hey Victor! Check out my new car.
Victor: Wow. That's nice, what kind is it?
Big: It's a b-class X426. I had to special order it from Italy.
Victor: Nice. It must be fast and expensive?
Big: Very expensive. More than most people pay for a house.
Big: But you don't actually drive this car.
Big: It is just to stand near in public places so people can see how important you are.

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kurt d said...

Let the record show there is a distinction between car nuts and social climbers who need mobile advertisements to their wealth. Cars are built with engines and tires, both of which should be used, there's nothing I hate more than seeing a beautiful car being driven around on a trailer. And yes Cars & Coffee (The saturday morning Crystal Cove event) is neat to look at the cars but there are some major egos there.