Thursday, April 10, 2008

Face Bigelow #59 - The God Particle

Just having some more fun with the news. This one on The God Particle which will (hopefully) soon to be discovered just seems like a bad name to me. Even the physicists, Peter Higgs, who theorized its existence doesn't like the term. His term for it is Higgs Boson which seems a little more scientific to me. Chalk one up for bad marketing.

Big: Hey Victor! I just found God!
Victor: Finally. Isn't it amazing how much He really loves us?
Big: I'm not sure. He's in this test tube.
Victor: Test tube?
Big: You know. The God Particle.
Victor: Well, let him out I have some questions for him!
Victor: Or start rubbing it and maybe he'll grant us three wishes.

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