Monday, March 3, 2008

Face Bigelow #50 - Armchair Decision Maker

#50 - Never thought I would make it this far. I think I'm going to retire as this has not generated any real interest. If you like it and want me to continue, leave a comment on this (last) entry. If I get 10 comments, or I have a prolific streak I'll post at least 10 more. I'll even count a single word comment that said something like "Blechk!".

Big: I'm a comic artist. Many of my best comics are political.
Big: I think I know everything and I can make fun of anyone.
Victor: What would you do differently in their shoes.
Big: I'm only an armchair decision maker. I would never resort to making real decisions.
Victor: So, lots of whining with some drawings thrown in for good measure.

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