Monday, March 31, 2008

Face Bigelow #55 - ms. secretary

I found this Turkey, Rice news inspired strip on my desk last week. I guess I missed the boat as this is now old news and irrelevant, but don't think I'm not desperate enough to keep up with the blog that I won't resort to posting the irrelevant? You should have noticed that I am parodied in #50. Obviously I'm not all that gifted as an oracle since this event just sort of passed through the news and Turkey continues to attack the PKK in Iraq and no one seems to notice. So much for WWIII. Shows how little I really know and how irrelevant this comic really is! Obviously I think Rice is one of the main architects of the invasion and did it back climbing on one of my favorite leaders, Powell who resigned probably because of the decisions that were made, so I feel inclined to fit her in the comic even if it is irrelevant.

Title: Secretary Of State
Media: Ms. Secretary. Turkey is launching attacks on Iraq and threatening WWIII. What is the status?
Big: Obviously this is a concern to the administration and we hope this is a short term incursion.
Media: Concern about WWIII or the term of the incursion?
Big: The term of the incursion. We don't want them to disrupt our record long occupation of Iraq. We're trying to get Guinness to verify our record.

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