Monday, March 24, 2008

Face Bigelow #53 - vp speak 2.0

Big: Do mean to say that you don't think this was a successful endeavor?
Victor: No!
Big: What about the $500 billion that has been spent so far?
Victor: !!??!!
Victor: You mean the $500 billion that is causing growing inflation, the dollar to collapse and leading to economic uncertainty?
Big: A large portion of that went into my friend's pockets. I would call that a successful endeavor!

I almost didn't post this because it is just too far out of my normal thought mode. I don't believe this war was started to line pockets, but I find it hard to believe there is still some justification in calling it successful. Trust has been lost over the past three administrations and it's time to start admitting mistakes and moving on to fix them, not playing double speak and calling a complete failure a success. If we can't trust our leaders the system will not work.

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kurt d said...

A complete failure?

The iraqi people are free now and resolve their differences through debate and logi... oh wait.....

We've definitely brought stability to the reg- oh I guess not....

Well at least the price of oil has gone do-uhhh nevermind.... hrmmm...