Thursday, March 27, 2008

Face Bigelow #54 - great orator

Font change. Comments appreciated. I think I liked the font better in the samples I took it from. Disappointed there is no lower case in it, but I could use some feedback.

News inspired by Clinton saying Obama is a great orator, but not a great leader.

Big: We don't want to choose a president based on oratory skill.
Big: We need a great business or military leader with proven experience.
Victor: Are you saying they will not make any mistakes because of their experience?
Big: Umm. No, but why does that matter?
Victor: At least if a good orator makes a bad decision it still sounds good.
Unknown voice from a familiar white building: Ya All. We're goin' ta war against terrorists in Irak to get rid of some evil dooers.

I mean no disrespect to the southern accent. That is not my intention. Just the wording alone is enough to drive me nuts, but the accent in the comic above is used more as a vocal identifier.


kurt d said...

I prefer the previous font, what was that comic sans? I think they call it that for a reason. ;-)

Wood said...

Yes, but it seems to be much hated in the comic artist community. Not that they would think my art is anything to look at either!