Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Face Bigelow #52 - vp speak

Another news inspired comic.

Big: Millions of people have been displaced.
Big: Tens of thousands of civilians have been killed.
Big: Over 100,000 U.S. soldiers have been wounded and nearly 4000 killed.
Big: Violence continues, but I'm calling this a "successful endeavor".
Victor: What planet do you live on?

This is totally unfair on my part and I know the vp has his hands tied and trying to keep up morale on the ground. But since I have been in such disagreement with this administration I think it would be good to express my views so people don't think I'm just some ranting weirdo. I have disagreed with this war since the beginning. I wrote letters to my congress women and the president stating that going to war in Iraq would be a mistake and distract from the real mission in Afghanistan. Now my views have completely shifted and I don't think we should leave Iraq. We have caused so much distress to the people of the region that I don't think it we can leave any time soon without making it much much worse for these people.

I would like nothing more than to see all our soldiers out of Iraq, but not at the expense of a people who we have caused much suffering. When the U.S. pulled out of Vietnam, millions of people were slaughtered throughout the region. Iraq has this same potential and pulling out quickly would be a huge mistake and an immoral decision. We disbanded their entire security infrastructure, then fortified ourselves into large bases and allowed the citizens to fend for themselves. The recent tactics which have put us back on the streets is the real change that has lessened the violence, more soldiers on the streets, not just more soldiers.

So, what would I like the vp to say? "This has been a long road and a road that does lead our troops out of Iraq. We have a duty to support the Iraqi people and help them bring peace and security to their streets. The only winner can be the Iraqi people when they have a stable government and peaceful streets." At some point you need to move beyond defending a bad decision and move on to fixing the problems caused by that decision. Years have been spent defending the decision and only the past 8 months have shown any acknowledgment of changes required to move forward. The sound bites taken from this speech seem to be a complete reversal of recent progress.

So, those are my are my views in a nutshell.

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